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MarketFin, Inc. (the “Advertiser”) is a paid advertiser that advertises on behalf of issuers either through its website or newsletters that it publishes. You should be acutely aware of the following regarding our advertising activities, the nature of communications in our publications, and relevant laws pertinent to our promotional activities, as disclosed below in 1-24:
1.Because we receive compensation from issuers for our publications via which we disseminate information, the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”) requires us to disclose the receipt of or planned receipt of cash, securities or other compensation for our services; specifically, pursuant to Section 17(b) of the Securities Act, we are required to provide full disclosure of the compensation, as follows: (a) type of compensation (securities or cash); (b) compensation received or to be received; (c) identify of the party who paid the compensation, including whether such party is the Issuer, a third-party shareholder, or any other person or entity; and (d) amount of securities or cash paid as compensation.
2.Our publications are for informational and advertising purposes only.
3.No information whatsoever distributed on our website or via our newsletters should be used as a basis for an investment decision. Should you rely upon the information contained in our publications as a basis of an investment decision you may lose your entire investment.
4.The information we provide is wholly insufficient to formulate an investment decision and should not be used in any way as a basis for making an investment decision. At most, the information we provide should be used a starting point from which you conduct an in-depth investigation of the issuer from available public sources, such as, www,,, and other available public sources as well as consulting with your financial professional, investment adviser, registered representative with a registered securities broker-dealer.
5.You should conduct an in-depth investigation of the issuer from the above or other available sources, especially because we only present positive information, which is an insufficient basis to invest in any stock.
6.Determine whether the Issuer profiled has a negative signs on the website (i.e. Stop Sign, No Information, Limited Information, Caveat Emptor), or whether the Issuer has been delisted by OTC Markets.
7.Always conduct your due diligence by reviewing publicly filed reports of an Issuer filed at,, Canadian regulatory authorities, and other reliable sources.
8.Consult with your financial advisor regarding any investment decision.
9.We are not registered and we do not act in the capacity of an investment advisor, broker, or dealer.
10.We are not engaged in the offer and sale of securities and none of our activities or information provided constitutes an offer or sale or solicitation for an offer or sale.
11.Our advertising activities involve potential and/or actual conflicts of interest, since we receive monetary for advertising or promoting the securities of the Issuer.
12.The Advertiser makes no implied or express warranties regarding the publicly disseminated information distributed or with regard to the statements in its newsletters.
13.Investment in penny stock or microcap stocks involves high risk and you may lose your entire investment in any penny stock that you invest in.
14.We conduct no due diligence regarding a Profiled Issuer or the content of our Publications.
15.Penny stocks are subject to the SEC’s penny stock rules and subject broker-dealers to customer suitability rules and other requirements, which may lead to low volume in the securities and/or difficulties in selling shares.
16.Investing in penny stocks is inherently risky; always conduct your own research.
17.Penny stocks are often thinly traded or have low trading volume, which may lead to difficulties in selling securities and extreme price volatility.
18.You should determine whether the issuer we profile or provide information about is an early stage company, which is subject to the early stage company risks in a similarly situated business, including difficulties in obtaining financing for operations and future growth.
19.The information we provide is “as is” and your use of the information is at your own risk, yet such information may change at any time and it is not based upon any verification or due diligence of the statements made.
20.The information we disseminate about issuers contain forward looking statements, i.e. statements or discussions that constitute predictions, expectations, beliefs, plans, estimates, projections as indicated by such words as “expects”, “will”, “anticipates”, “estimates; therefore, you should proceed with extreme caution in relying upon such statements and conduct a full investigation into any such forward looking statements.
21.Forward looking statements are limited to the time period in which they are made and we do not undertake to update forward looking statements that may change at any time.
22.We make publicly disseminated statements that an issuer’s stock price has increased over a certain period of time; however, these statements only reflect an arbitrary period of time, and is of little or no predictive or analytical quality.
23.We only provide positive information regarding an issuer and do not provide negative information; accordingly, it is all the more important that you conduct thorough due diligence.
24.Examples that we may provide of share price increases pertaining to a particular issuer from one referenced date to another represent an arbitrarily chosen time period, are of no predictive value, and are no indication whatsoever of future stock prices.